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giovedì 1 marzo 2012

Port Electric - Unknowable Things

Unknowable Things

Port Electric treads a gentle path between rock and down-tempo electronica. Their online album Unknowable Things weaves a web of lush sounds with scintillating beats . The music often evokes trip-hop influences such as Portishead and Massive Attack. The opening track, “Silence”, clearly has a Massive Attack feel in the heavy beat accompanied by soft orchestral keyboards. The second track, “Leave Me Dry” exhibits a more unique mixture of rhythm and melody while having a seductive Everything But The Girl quality. Most of these tracks are complemented by soft but sensuous vocals. My favorite tracks, like “Pollution” and “I Brace Myself”, offer a nice balance of vocals, dream enhancing arrangements and steady rock beats. This is an impressive debut recording. Hopefully we will be hearing more in the future.
The album is available through Disfish in separate tracks of 192kbps MP3.

1. Silence
2. Leave me dry
3. Borderline soul
4. Pollution
5. Gloom
6. I brace myself
7. Liquid
8. Still life

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