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domenica 11 marzo 2012

2econd Class Citizen - A World Without

World Without [Edizione: Germania]

2econd Class Citizen is a great hip-hop artists from England. He "makes music that he simply calls “Wyred Folk”: a hybrid of electronically produced folk combined with instrumental hip-hop swinging between melancholy and pure anger, strong guitar riffs mined from old psych rock records and the weeping voices lifted from old folk music." That last part I lifted from because I'm lazy and it's a pretty good description anyway. Anyway, jam this shit fool.

1.Step Inside
2.One By One feat. Ceschi
3.A New Day
4.Wait For Me
5.On Emptyness
6.Our Lady Of Solitude feat. Reindeer
7.The Day You're Lost Or Found
8.Listen The Night feat. Reindeer
9.From Where I Belong
10.A World Without

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