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mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Velure - Care For Fading Embers

Care for Fading Embers

Velure is an Australian band. They combine, in these two delicious releases, Care for Fading Embers and Songbox EP, all sorts of styles, verging not just on the trip-hop, but also on d'n'b, IDM, even pop-rock, etc. Although it sounds like you're in for another cold super-experimental band that is considered trip-hop only by Villeroy (ha, ha, ha), it's not exactly the truth. Especially Care for Fading Embers (dedicated to their producer, who died before the release of the album) is rather melancholic and warm. I am very tired at this hour and I haven't listened to them in a while, so I will let you imagine how a typical fancy review from me would sound like…

1. Music from Outside (3:56)
2. Do You Suppose? (4:09)
3. Words to Speak (4:52)
4. Hide the Fool (4:05)
5. Down Again (4:08)
6. Define Love (4:50)
7. Beautiful (4:26)
8. Recall (5:56)
9. Vivid and Blue (4:21)
10. Music from Outside (A Reprise) (3:17)

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